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Bringing a new baby home is a wonderful and exciting time. For many parents it can also be a time of stress, exhaustion and insecurity. We come to your home and help take care of mom and baby, providing breastfeeding support, health checks with vital signs and limited physical assessments, baby weight checks, infant care education and, if desired, the gift of sleep for the new parents. We provide a safe space for you to learn and practice taking care of your new baby with the goal of increasing your confidence as you launch into your first weeks as a new family.

Postpartum and new baby care is a great baby shower gift and even the best gift to give yourself! Are you a new grandparent who is not local and wants to give the gift of help to your children and new grandbaby? There is no better gift than the gift of an experienced Registered Nurse! When we worked in the hospital, we can't even count the number of new parents who said, "I wish I could just take you home with me!" Now you can!

For parents who choose to birth outside of the hospital, now you can have more constant nursing care for the first few days that you would not otherwise have, but in your own home and on your own terms. Think postpartum doula but also a licensed healthcare professional. The best of both worlds!

We are available to help with new parents and babies from the first day to many months down the road. We are available on short notice and look forward to serving you and all your postpartum and new baby needs! 

Questions? Please use the "Contact Us" form or chat!

Quality Care From Experienced Registered Nurses. Serving the Greater Dallas and Fort Worth Communities.

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Hiring Brianne was an absolute life saver. She is kind and knowledgable, the combination I needed to overcome my breastfeeding milestones. I'm so glad I had her helping me.

Paloma, Dallas

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Murphy, TX


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